Inner Woman – Inner Man

Date / Time:

Jun 5, 2024 - Jun 9, 2024
15:00 - 14:00


Centrum Skalka 22 / CZ


Inner Female ⇔ Inner Male

This workshop will be co-hosted by Gil Gadot (s. details at the bottom)

The Hidden Half

When we explore the relationship between our female-male duality, many perceive this duality more externally. We tend to categorize according to sexual preferences between men, women, lesbians, gays, queers … With it comes a wide range of stereotype opinions and prejudices. We can easily overlook the vaster internal duality of female and male energy flows. 50% of our genes are from our mother, 50 % from our father. There is a genetic balance by nature. Traditional Eastern concepts of Tantra and Yoga already discovered thousands of years ago in their practice of meditation what they call energy rivers, Nadis. They constantly flow into our bodies, filling us with female and male energies. It is up to us to explore and sensitize whether this old wisdom gives relevant answers to modern women and men and helps us to find the balance nature provides.

And yet many imbalances on this topic develop over the course of our lives. Our working world, for example, is largely designed according to male aspects and needs. At home, women are often still expected to behave in a feminine, maternal and caring manner, men are expected to be the provider of the family. The love life has different expectations of women and men. Being sexy as a woman is different from male sex appeal. It is not surprising that all these conflicting expectations and demands give rise to frustration and confusion on both sides.

In our seminar we will therefore rise some basic questions: What is actually female? What is male? What are my personal preferences and how did they come about? What behaviors evolved from these preferences? Have I uncritically adopted female behavior from my mother or those around me? Did I rebel and do exactly the opposite of what my father wanted me to do?

And perhaps there is the possibility of an inner balance of both energies as we become more aware of them and learn to deal with them creatively, regardless of whether we live in a female or male body. On my own path, I experienced dealing with these questions as liberation and enrichment. The relationship between men and women, which often leads to distance or even rifts in our society and also in relationships, can also develop into a complementary experience.

When the inner attitude and perception of male and female changes, this is also reflected in the external relationships between men and women. Every external conflict describes an internal conflict, and more internal balance will have a harmonizing effect on our external relationships.

A 4 days process for women and men, full of discoveries and surprises is awaiting you. With the help of various techniques such as psychodrama, constellations, meditations, dance and sharing, we will familiarise ourselves with the topic in a playful and loving way and explore our female and male energies both inside and outside. A good dose of curiosity will help you face this topic.

The workshop is led in English with Czech translation.



About Gil Gadot:

Gil is an established Hi-Tech entrepreneur who found spirituality while he was managing his Global company.

Gil chose to dedicate his time to clear his path, healing his own personal and lineage traumas.

Nowadays Gil is focusing on supporting the healing of people personal traumas, as a therapist and coach using multidisciplinary methods.

Gil has studied with Ma prem Sugandhoo: Healing Principles of the Chakras; with Thomas Hubl: Trauma and Collective Trauma Healing; and with Peter Levine: Somatic Experience Healing, as well as other topics with great teachers.

Gil is a father of 3 and lives in Tel-Aviv.




The seminar starts on Wednesday, June 5th at 14.00 h noon time. Please arrive latest by 12.30 h to complete your registration and to receive your accommodation details and have a lunch before the workshop starts. The estimated end of the seminar is  2 p.m. on Sunday, 9th June.

The first meal will be lunch on Wednesday at 1.00 h and the last meal Sunday lunch at 2.00 h.

Workshop price
If you make a reservation before 20 5. 2024 , you will pay 360 EUR, later then 370 EUR. 


  1. Advance payment in EUR:  To complete the registration, please transfer an advance of  EUR 120 to the account of  Humangous, s.r.o., Severozápadní IV 390/53, 141 00 Prague – Záběhlice,  account number: 2301856776/2010, IBAN: CZ6320100000002301856776 .
  2. The additional payment of the total price will be  in EUR.  We will collect the the rest payment during registration on 5th June 2024 , in EUR according to the current EUR/CZK exchange rate.

Accommodation and food are not included in the price of the seminar. The accommodation price includes: 

  • rental of a large meditation room in which the workshop takes place,
  • price of accommodation – there are 3 types of accommodation available: New house (rooms in the newly renovated house, sanitary facilities in the corridor on the floors), or the main house (rooms in the main house, sanitary facilities in the corridor on the floors) or a large meditation room (with its own sleeping bag)
  • price for meals during the workshop. The diet is vegan and vegetarian – vegan breakfast plus eggs and cheese, lunch, morning snack (fruit), afternoon snack (sugar-free dessert), dinner, tea.
  • We start the workshop on June 5 with lunch at 2 p.m. and end with lunch on Sunday, June 9 at 2 p.m.

The final price of accommodation and meals is determined on the day of the workshop, as it depends on the number of participants, thank you for your understanding. Below is the range in which prices will move to give you an idea.

New house: 5650 – 6100 CZK/person

Main house: 5550 – 6000 CZK/person

Large meditation room: CZK 5,000 – 5,300/person

If you are interested in a single room and it will be possible, the surcharge is 170 CZK per night, i.e. 680 CZK in total for the entire workshop.

You can apply for the registration using the form on the Czech website:, we will confirm your application.

By registering for this workshop, you agree to our cancellation conditions. The registration is complete only after the deposit is paid.


If you need more information or have further questions,

please contact Anand on +420‭ 774 920 005

or send an e-mail to: or (Sugandho personal)

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