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I personally participated in my first workshop when I was 21 years old. I was the youngest participant in a workshop called Primal Therapy. When reading in my studies about Primal Therapy I felt that this was all about me. Suddenly I found answers to strange feelings I used to have about myself: that something was wrong in my life.

It was wonderful throughout the workshop to see many different people from different countries and different ages dealing with their childhood. I understood that participating in a workshop does not mean that I am crazy or helpless. In the contrary I got many inspirations and insights and I came to know things about myself, which I did not know exist. A healing was starting to happen on a very deep level.

Many more workshops followed this first deep experience. Each one adding a little peace to my puzzle of self-exploration moving towards wholeness. You will find in the variety of workshops offered on this page basic workshops, which are the best to start with and advanced workshops for deep transformative work. And if you like to dive deeper into the Chakra Alchemy world, the OSHO Energy Counseling Training is available to teach the whole spectrum of the rainbow of Chakras. The training can be a deepening of one’s own inner process and it enables to work with others.

I continued the meditations I had learned during the workshops on my own and felt that they helped me to stay in touch with myself and the path I had started. I would like to suggest a very useful and practical meditation guide, an OSHO Book called: Meditation the First and the Last Freedom, in which each and everybody can find a meditation she/he likes.

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The workshops are created with lots of love and thought for all details. Our intention is to ensure that the workshop is for your own benefit. Therefore, it is important for you to know that participation in all of the workshop sessions, including the meditations, is mandatory. If there are any reasons on your side that are not allowing you to commit yourself, please talk to the workshop leader before registration to come to a mutual agreement.

To read our cancellation policy for workshops registration – click here.

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