Primal Based Therapy

Childhood Liberation is a primal-based workshop, which I created after a long period of Inner-Alchemy work on myself and through work with others. As I realized in working with people all over the world, unresolved childhood memories have a tremendously powerful influence on us. No matter which chakra I was working with people the demons of the past would raise their heads and make people collapse, reject, fight and unknowingly demand and at the same time long for a healing of something they could not name. I realized the answer was primal work, but felt not confident enough to lead people through this arduous process of regression into their childhood past. I decided after 30 years since my first primal workshop in Pune, to once again go through the process myself and be trained by one of the most experienced teachers in the world of OSHO I know: Svarup and Premartha. Their training enabled me to work with people individually on their primal issues and by working with individuals and studying for many years I learned and developed a deep understanding of primal work.

After reading the books of Arthur Yanov, the founder of Primal Therapy, I also asked myself, what is the difference of Yanov’s Primal work and the Primal work, which has developed under OSHO’s guidance. As my understanding of today I came to a deep appreciation of Yanov’s research and work. He clearly distinguishes between traditional Freudian psychology and his own approach and scientifically explains the importance of emotional connection to our childhood wounds. By only understanding our childhood wounds intellectually the healing process remains incomplete. I have experienced exactly this phenomena with many of my clients who had gone through Psychoanalysis for many years and still held anger, fear or an unexplainable illogical admiration for their parents, holding them back from moving freely into their adulthood.

The merging of OSHO’s spiritual guidance and Yanov’s research within OSHO Therapy is one of the many gifts I have received on my journey. OSHO’s insights of the Psychology of the Buddha’s and childhood conditioning shine a magical light onto the healing process of childhood wounds. Emotional connection and release is one part of the healing, awareness of these wounds and disidentification from them, arising from a state of deep acceptance and understanding (not repression) is the other inevitable part of the healing that brings liberation from our conditioning, allowing transformation and spiritual growth. My respect for this work is tremendous.

Over the last years, as my understanding has deepened through individual work with people, I have integrated the primal based Childhood Liberation workshop into the Inner-Alchemy process. I thank my teachers Svarup and Premartha and most of all OSHO for their inspiration on this journey. I am grateful to share it with others who want to explore their childhood wounds in the light of meditation. I am working in rather smaller groups to keep the space intimate and to be able to follow the needs of the participants during the process. The Childhood Liberation workshop is happening twice a year, once in Israel and once in Czech Republic. Please see the calendar to find the next date.

Click here to watch Sugandho talking about the process

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