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Welcome to the inspiring world of the chakras, the world of energy, colors, vastness and dualities. By exploring your own energy through the kaleidoscope of the chakras life naturally becomes your teacher.

The concept of chakras is an eastern approach, originating in India and is almost 4000 years old. The word chakra comes from Sanskrit, the ancient Indian language, and means wheel. Anodea Judith describes, “A chakra is a center of organisation that receives, assimilates and expresses life force energy”.  A chakra describes the energy flow in specific areas of the human body. Yogis and meditators discovered, as part of their practice, that these centers of energy move and influence the human body and consciousness. The concept of chakras was brought to the West in the 1920ies by Arthur Avalon’s book “The Serpent Power”.

The Chakra Map finds its analogy in many concepts of modern Psychology, especially Developmental Psychology (Piaget), Transpersonal Psychology (Wilber), Somatic Psychology (Alexander Lowen, Wilhelm Reich).

About Sugandho’s Chakra Path:

I participated in my first chakra based training in 1993 when it was called Esoteric Science Training, led by Waduda and Wadud (today Leela and Prasad) leading the OSHO School of Mysticism in Pune, India, a faculty of the OSHO Commune International at that time (Today: OSHO International Meditation Resort). I am grateful to these amazing teachers, a female and a male teacher, showing me first-hand the difference of chakra expression in a yin and a yang version. They have been using OSHO’s words scientifically, filling HIS words with their passion as spiritual seekers. They taught me the togetherness of awareness and acceptance as two main keys for transformation. More and more the joy of experimenting with OSHO’s teachings and wisdom took away my fears of making mistakes. I learned to be creative and resourceful when looking inside and returned to my innocent curiosity. This training changed my life and laid the foundation of who I am today. Instead of continuing my work as a teacher at a German University I decided to return to my spiritual search that I started in 1980 with OSHO. Learning the Chakra Map opened old longings in my seeker’s heart. I spent the following 15 years mainly in the OSHO Commune International in Pune, participating and assisting in as many Chakra groups and trainings as possible. I felt totally fulfilled in searching the inner world under OSHO’s safe guidance. I discovered what it means to be a spiritual seeker, a word I so far related only in a negative context. Somebody who is seeking is somebody who doesn’t know, somebody confused who needs help. So little did I know.

In the late 90’s I was asked to lead my first chakra workshops and ever since the chakras are the focus in my work with people.

About the OSHO Energy Counseling Training:

Module one and two together will train you in OSHO Chakra Energy Reading. Sarovara, a British Sannyasin, and I have developed it in this format together during our mutual work in Pune, India, at the OSHO International Meditation Resort.

The first step (Module I) is to know the chakra map, which will guide you in every Energy Reading in Module II. Knowing the map means learning the basic anatomy of the chakras, how they are interrelated, male and female chakras, male and female energy within us, subtle bodies, etc. And as important the map may be, you will make your own experiences and discoveries of your chakras by meditating and experimenting. In 7 days’ time the map will no longer be a theoretical concept. The growing sensitivity and familiarity with your own chakras will make the chakras an inner reality like when you learned to ride a bicycle as a child, or when you learned swimming and were no longer admiring others, but enjoyed the joy of swimming or riding on your own.

The second step (Module II) of the training will be the Energy Reading Training. The reading part will train you step by step how to use your natural perceptions and senses (seeing, hearing, feeling) to read subtle energies in other people. It will mainly train your intuition using different energy channels. Our intuition has been misused in the middle ages and other dark chapters of history. It has been belittled and denied as modern science developed since the 18th century. Nonetheless, intuition is a natural part of all human beings and it can be trained and developed

The OSHO Energy Reading Training is a meditative, not therapeutic approach, which will deepen your meditation, your sensitivity and especially your intuition and it will enable you to give Energy Reading sessions. If you are already working with people you can use Energy Readings as a diagnostic instrument to come to know a new client or to look into a client’s history from a meditative approach. It will give you simple insights on how to work with a person in a beneficial way.

The third step (Module III) will teach a series of 6 sessions including a variety of counseling skills, basic NLP (Neuro-Linguistic-Programming) and Chakra Alchemy. The series of 6 sessions enables you to give start Energy Counseling Sessions and guide a person on his way towards physical, emotional and spiritual health and development. You can call yourself an OSHO Energy Counselor. People who already have training in any body-oriented therapy, Reiki, Aura Soma etc. can include OSHO Energy Counseling into their work.

Watch Sugandho explaining about the training

The upcoming training will take place on 2o2o and 2021.

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