“This past weekend I went through an a-m-a-z-i-n-g life-chaning journey with Ma Prem Sugandho at the בית הקקטוס – סטודיו לסדנאות משנות חיים Cactoos, in which I learned how to communicate with and listen to my own belly! And it was so much more. I discovered what my real primary needs are and what is really keeping me from fulfilling them, as well as the real reason my relationships are not as awesome as I want them to be and what to do about it! Thank you so much Sugandho, your work is truly life changing and I recommend your workshops to just about anyone who wants to better their life in a way they would really, but really, not be able to otherwise. Not in a million years!”
Shai Alexander, 27
Entrepreneur & Software Development Manager

“Sugandho is for me a wise teacher, loving mother and attentive friend. I know her already for couple of years and I have experienced her in all these modalities. As a teacher, she helped me to have a look on those parts of my personality, that limited me in my life. As a loving mother she offered me a hug and her heart warmed me up when I was passing through emotional healing. As a friend, she always new when it is needed to listen to me attentively and when not to pay attention to what I am saying at all. For all of this, I am very much grateful!”
Martin Skalička – Akash, 49
reelance Trainer, Coach & Therapist

“Sugandho is ultimately accepting and heartful and at the same time a highly professional teacher. Over the last 3 years I have been attending her workshops and training, I am repeatedly encouraged to discover new facets and qualities of life and to develop step-by-step to higher awareness, acceptance and life potential.”
Milena Fridmanová – Yasmin, 33
Marketing Professional & University Teacher

“I always connect Sugandho with these words: meditation, tenderness, beauty and inner peace, joy, trust, friendship. Thanks to her walk the direction of fulfilling my personal talents and I am connected with my heart like I have never been before. When times are hard, I can hear in my ears her determined: ‘I will never give up!’. In tantra yoga the final asana is called Big Mother and this is what Sugandho is to me. I thank her for all the learnings and time we spend together with great gratitude and love.”
Jana Šťávová – Navala, 53
Medical doctor and professional trainer of tantra-yoga for women

“More than 2.5 years ago, Ma Prem Sugandho introduced me to OSHO dynamic meditation, and helped me to get in touch with some of my deeply hidden pains, beliefs, and fears which kept me blind from seeing what I really needed for myself. In her groups, she creates atmosphere of mutual trust and with her loving approach helps people to go deeper inside of themselves to rediscover their essence and motivates them to stop doing what they feel is expected from them, and start doing what they feel is right and healthy for them. Sugandho has helped me open my eyes and see all the beauty that life can bring when we are open to see it.”
Martina Švehlová – Saba, 35
Marketing Specialist

“The meeting with Sugandho and OSHO caused big shock in my life. It was 8 years ago when I met her first. I often visit her seminars since then.
From this time nothing was the same. I took sanyasin´s name Anand Lalitya in the one course with Sugandho, which I visited in 2010. This name does mean the grace and loveliness, so I promised myself that I will fill the significance of this beautiful name and I will discover and live the joy and freedom in my life. Sometimes it’s damn hard, but it just goes, because Sugandho and OSHO are and forever will be in my life. Sugandho, OSHO – thank you very much. I love you.”
Bára Polívková – Anand Lalitya, 36
Teacher and lecturer

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