About Sugandho

I grew up in Germany in a rural idyll, which has shaped my love for nature to this day. From an early age, God or later a more open spiritual dimension was important to me. When I was 20 I read my first OSHO book and a year later I went to India to meet this man and his followers. It was the beginning of a long-term search for myself that continues to this day and slowly feels like coming home.

It is and always was important to me to include classic, western education and training in addition to my alternative studies. Therefore I graduated in educational science, sociology and psychology with an academic diploma from the University-GH-Duisburg/Germany, I studied NLP and Family Constellation. The combination of different eastern teachings, meditation and western science made my life and work rich and colourful.

I lived in India for over 15 years, studying, practicing and eventually teaching Chakra Alchemy work. When settling in Israel I opened a School of Inner-Alchemy and Meditation for my professional work. It has become the umbrella for the Energy Reading Training and Chakra Workshops I am leading in Israel and Europe.

The silence of the desert has always inspired my work and meditation. I love the cultural diversity of Israel and chose it as my permanent residence. Czech Republic has become my base in Europe in the last 15 years. As a contrast to the desert I live and work there in a lush and green countryside environment.

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