Chakra Alchemy

For the cognitive mind the term Chakra Alchemy might sound  esoteric at first. Yet the name is very precise.  Chakra Alchemy relates to an understanding beyond the cognitive realm. It targets the mystery created by consciousness.  Consciousness is capable to turn any simple experience into something extra ordinary. The truth it might awaken is simple.

For example, a beautiful sunset can be explained by the physical events in the atmosphere with different winds and temperature fluctuations etc., which generate the sun’s red and make the sky appear in many different shades of red. – Or you could perceive and absorb the beauty of the sunset without trying to find a physical explanation. Just receiving the beauty of the colors and the calm of the approaching evening can trigger an inner alchemy and create a deep feeling of peace and oneness. Two different realms of understanding, none is superior to the other. One is based on objective scientific knowledge the other on subjective experience of the present moment.

The name Chakra Alchemy originates from the ancient tradition of alchemists in the Middle Ages to transmute lead into gold. Related to the world of energy and chakras, Chakra Alchemy works on transforming so called “negative” emotions or energies, old behaviour patterns, strategies and beliefs, into a natural and healthy “positive” state of being.

The process of inner alchemy is embedded into a series of different workshops/training modules for the seven chakras. All of them are designed to bring more awareness old unconscious behaviour patterns and emotional wounds within each chakra. During this inner work we want to create more space for new energy to flow and grow and bring a loving awareness to ourselves.

1st Chakra: From Fear to Love / Reclaiming Teenage

2nd Chakra: Emotional Intimacy / Melting in Love and Aloneness /  Childhood Liberation* 

3rd Chakra: Transforming Power*

4th Chakra: Wisdom of Love / From the Head to the Heart

5th Chakra: Embracing Change – A Leap into the Unkown

6th Chakra: Energy Counselling Training in 3 Modules

7th Chakra: Silent retreat

* Advanced workshop for experienced participants only

The related subjects are:

  • Transforming fears and traumas around sexuality, birth, belonging, etc.  into joy, trust and healthy boundaries. Transforming physical blockages and the controlling mind into freedom, playfulness and the joy of being alive.
  • Transforming lack of emotional intelligence into sensitivity and friendliness and strengthening social abilities. Learning new and valuable ways of relating, communication and interaction in relationships.
  • Transforming power struggles like competition and inferiority/superiority complexes into healthy strength, wisdom and authenticity. Discovering what truly lies beneath masks and defences.
  • Transforming confusion and lack of direction of the heart into compassion, love and wisdom by truly listening to the heart. Connecting to the infinite capacity of healing, growing from the silent depth of the heart.
  • Transforming life denying and limiting beliefs into creative self-mastery. Opening new possibilities of expression, communication and hidden talents, embracing change.
  • Transforming unconscious behaviour patterns by practicing and training inner clarity and meditation. Inner guidance and vision are a natural result of this process.

The Chakra Alchemy Process gradually leads into the Energy Counselling Training, mainly based on the hara, 4th, 5th and 6th chakra. It enables people to work with other people through meditation, intuition and inner vision/clarity.

Please see the calendar to find the dates for the next workshops.

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