Women’s Work

Sugandho offers two processes for women. The first one is about helping us women to reconnect to our feminine qualities, and the second one is about exploring the feminine and masculine sides that are within each one of us.

The Joy of being a Woman

Many ancient cultures have known women’s gatherings and ritualized ceremonies. For example: Jewish women gathered in the ‘Red Tent’ during their period, before marriage or before giving birth. In these gatherings older women or shamans/witches were teaching and initiating the younger generation of women.
Modern life has lost many of those rituals and young women have to find their own way into becoming a woman and learning about their female qualities.

We want to dive into the qualities of feminine energy and give ourselves an opportunity to rediscover what these qualities mean to us and what we can learn from each other. Not to idealize female energy compared to male energy or prove female energy to be superior, but rather to nurture our female side and balance the male-oriented lifestyle we are living in.
We will find and create our own rituals to acknowledge our womanhood and share with each other anything that might prevent us from enjoying or living our potential as women and other women’s company.

What are those female qualities I am talking about? Here some keywords:

Restfulness, relaxation, wildness, sensuousness, beauty, intuition, receptivity, wisdom, containment, acceptance …

Some of the words might resonate within you whilst some might sound like strange tones in a language unfamiliar to you. Together we will help one another to connect with each of these qualities.


Women’s Gathering II – Exploring Male-Female Qualities within

In this workshop, we will explore the relationship between our inner male and female qualities. Born from our mother’s and father’s genes we all carry female and male qualities in us. Many women are not consciously in touch with these different qualities and therefore often fight, deny or feel confused by this duality. A deep understanding of our inner male side helps us to balance and integrate our female and male energies. It is a great step towards freedom and inner strength if we can recognize the male and female duality as two complementary energies within.

The work with our inner male side will naturally mirror the relationship with the outer men in our life. The outer man is a reflection of our inner male qualities and the conflicts with the outer man really mirrors the conflict of male and female energies within.
Osho points at a new dimension of freedom in the relationship between men and women: not the woman fighting against the man, but women & men -together- breaking through the conditioning of the collective.
A 4 days process for women full of discoveries and surprises.


Please see the calendar to find the dates for the next workshops.

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