From Fear to Love – Opening to Aliveness

From Fear to Love - Opening to Aliveness

Date / Time

Jul 12, 2018 - Jul 14, 2018
16:00 - 17:00


Desert Ashram / IL


The journey of exploring the inner world, one inevitably meets the most basic difficulty – fear. Fear is something so invisible yet so powerful in it’s ability to prevent relaxation and joy of life. What to do when fear arises? Escape, hide from danger, and wait for the fear to somehow disappear by itself? Or to push beyond all boundaries of our fears? In a loving and caring atmosphere, this group gives the opportunity to face two of the basic fears of mankind: the fear of going crazy and the fear of death. Both fears will take us to explore and redefine the limitations that have been imposed on us when we were small.

By allowing ourselves to go wild and crazy consciously many rigid limitations will drop away by themselves. More space can expand inside for more spontaneity, creativity, love and laughter.

The fear of death will be met by a very different concept: Death as the peak of life, as a celebration. According to Osho death is a reflection of the way we live. Living and dying are not separate, death can be understood as a new beginning rather than an end.

Another workshop will explore the third basic fear of orgasm and sexuality:

From Fear to Love – Going beyond Sexual Conditioning

See the upcoming dates on our website. Each workshop is complete in itself and can be booked separately in the sequence of your choice

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