Deepening Evening: From Fear to Love – Going Beyond Sexual Conditioning

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Date / Time

Jul 10, 2019
19:00 - 22:00


Tilia Studio


Sexuality is one of the most powerful human needs. Sexual energy is natural and a basic biological life force. Yet sexuality is and has been restricted and controlled by religious morals and social norms in various forms. We all grow up in a confusing ambivalence between natural sexual needs and desires and limiting moral norms.

In the safe environment of the Deepening we want to address undefined fears and shame around sexuality. To return to playfulness and innocence in relationship with our sexuality and allows sexuality and love to meet. We will in particular address the time of teenage, the time when we have made our first sexual encounters, or missed to make them, the time when our sexuality of today has been modeled.

The Deepening is for everybody! You are invited to experiment, you are invited to be curious and to learn more about yourself and the ways sexuality feels good to you. You are invited to take the chance towards a sexual expression without losing healthy boundaries. To ask questions and to get to know Sugandho, if it’s your first time.

This evening is a demo to the full workshop that will happen on 20-24.8.2019 in Desert Ashram. To read more about it – click here.

To read more about the deepening – click here.

For further information and registration please contact:
Advaya: 054-7440836
Please register in advance!

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We would love to see you,
Sugandho & Advaya

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