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“Love is coming to yourself through the other, meditation is coming to yourself directly. But it is a little dry because there is no path — there are no trees on the path, no birds, no sunrise, no sunset, no moon, no stars. It has a beauty of it’s own: the beauty of the desert. Have you been to the desert? The silence, the eternal silence of the desert … sands spreading unto eternity…     a purity, a cleanliness.
Going to the desert is only symbolic of going into meditation. “ 

OSHO, The Dhammapada the Way of the Buddha, Vol. 4

Dear friends,

due to corona we had a lot of changes in our program and we are just starting to reschedule ourselves. We will update the website step by step and inform you. We are looking forward to meeting you again soon.

With love Sugandho, Advaya & Lalitya

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