The Alchemy of Love – 4th Chakra Alchemy

Date / Time:

Sep 28, 2018 - Sep 30, 2018
10:00 - 17:00


Hara Centre Kaunas / Lithuania


Experiencing the Spiritual Heart

In spite of the many life comforting technical developments of modern age, our lives have become more hectic and emotionally more demanding than ever before. Family, relationships and work are each full time jobs. Heart diseases, high blood pressure, and anxieties are all developments of an overwhelming modern life-style. Our physical and spiritual hearts are literally burning out under these conditions.

In this workshop, we want to give a vacation to our hearts. We want to give ourselves an opportunity to release layers of physical and emotional stress. We want to learn how to support our heart in daily life by using the chakra map, which can teach us  about the healing potential we all naturally have within.

To keep our hearts light, we will learn to create healthy boundaries for ourselves in daily life and strengthen our hearts in various ways. We can find new ways of being loving to ourselves as much as we can be to others.

And when we create the right atmosphere for our heart to vibrate and beat in its natural rhythm, we open to experiencing the qualities of the heart: love, warmth, devotion, compassion, playfulness, and silence.

Allow your heart to surprise you with its many gifts. A more real and natural intelligence of the spiritual heart is dormant in each one of us.

“But the present education makes the mind old. It does not awaken the mind but fills it, and so it becomes old. By being filled with all sorts of thoughts, the mind becomes old, burdened and tired. Feeding thoughts means feeding the memory. It does not spark thinking or intelligence. Memory is not intelligence. Memory is mechanical. Intelligence is consciousness.” (OSHO: Revolution in Education, #2)


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