OSHO Energy Counseling Training – Module I_part 1 – Chakra Anatomy

Date / Time:

Feb 21, 2019 - Feb 24, 2019
19:00 - 18:00


Hara Centre Kaunas / Lithuania


Energy Counseling Training

Module 1 gives a profound understanding about the 7 chakras and is the basis for the following energy reading training in module 2. It can also be used as a basic chakra experience for beginners.

As our physical body has a certain structure of bones, muscles, tissues, etc. so have our subtle bodies in the aura and the related chakras. The chakra system is an eastern approach to describe the development of human consciousness, as there are western theories on the mental, psychological and moral human development. The training will combine both.

In the first module of the training we will explore the sequence of the 7 chakras in an experiential as well as theoretical way.

The participants will experience the different energies in each chakra and the way these energies express themselves in their own unique way.

The theoretical part will refer to:

  • The chakra map / the aura
  • Chakra related issues: What is the healthy expression of each chakra?
  • What issues can develop in each chakra because of childhood conditioning, traumas etc., which disturb the natural energy flow?
  • Male / female expression of each chakra
  • The hara

Modules 2 and 3 will take place in Lithuania.

For more information: OSHO Energy Counseling Training – Module 2

Watch Sugandho explaining about the training


For further information and booking please contact:

Amiya: ‭+370 (683) 81 991‬
Email: amiya.bernal@gmail.com

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