OSHO Energy Counseling Module III_2. part – Energy Counseling Skills

Date / Time:

Jan 23, 2020 - Jan 25, 2020
9:15 - 22:00


OSHO Center TLV / Israel


Energy Counseling Training

Module 3 of the OSHO Energy Counselling Training is for all who have completed Module 1 and 2 of the OSHO Energy Counselling Training. We will use the chakra map that you are already trained in.

Module 3 consists mainly of a 6 session teaching. Each participant will learn how to give a series of 6 sessions, each session related to a different chakra. The teaching will be theoretical as well as a practical session exchange between the participants. Additionally, there will be teachings on:

  • general counseling skills
  • submodalities
  • framing a session
  • facilitating the basic OSHO meditations

The 3. module will enable you to responsibly advise people as an Energy Counselor. You help your client in recognizing and connecting to their own resources in different chakras and how they can use these resources in daily life. You give them suggestions for meditations and help them to find out which inner work they can still improve with and which chakras still need attention to come to their flowering.

The OSHO Energy Counseling Training is based on OSHO’s insights on Meditation and Therapy. Therapy provides the ground for meditation. Opposite to classical Freudian psychology, the OSHO therapist learns to meet the client with a presence of love and respect and to be more present as a friend.

“The therapist has to be a real friend. He has to show his compassion, his love, his understanding. He has to make the patient feel that for the first time he is being respected as an individual, as a human being. If you start playing God, he is again humiliated. That’s what he has been suffering his whole life in the world.

The priest is playing God, the politician is playing God, and there are small gods, the whole hierarchy. The Hindu religion has thirty-three million gods. Perhaps they need so many for a hierarchy to run this whole universe, the whole bureaucracy. And then there are small gods everywhere…

A therapist has to be humble, has to be a friend. He is not a priest; he is not there to dictate your life. He is there simply to stand you on your feet. He is not going to walk on your behalf. If you fall he will help you to get up again, but you have to walk on your own. Everybody has to walk on his own.“

(OSHO: The Last Testament, Vol. 2, Chapter #16)

For further information and booking please contact:
Advaya: 054-7440836
Email: inner-alchemy_il@sugandho.org

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