From the Head to the Heart – The Wisdom of Love

Date / Time:

Feb 24, 2022 - Feb 26, 2022
15:00 - 14:00


Kibbutz Inbar


We all know the dilemma when our intellect has good rational reasons for a decision we need to take and at the same time our heart is aching when we think of the consequences this decision will have. For example in the current time of a corona crisis, our intellect clearly tells us to follow medical advice, but our heart wants to meet friends, wants to be close to our loved ones. We might feel unloved when somebody does not want to meet us due to the virus threat.

It takes us straight to the question “what is love”? Is it love to blindly follow our emotional heart? Is it heartless to allow rational reason? Some of us might have learned to let the intellect take important decisions, some of us might do the opposite, even just to feel the freedom of protesting.

But what if the whole concept of intellect and heart as two opposing parts in us is too narrow? What if we widen our inner spectrum and do not look only for right and wrong and discover that many of our fears are homemade?

During the workshop, we want to (re-) connect with the many qualities of our adventurous heart. We will be using well-known heart meditations and by sharing our hearts in various ways like dancing, painting, listening from our hearts, and speaking with our hearts… we inevitably will discover some of the treasures of the spiritual heart, treasures each one of us holds inside. It is refreshing and relaxing at the same time to rediscover how many qualities our heart actually has and we will be reminded of its unique wisdom.

The workshop will be led in English. It will take place at a beautiful and comfortable workshop space in the north of Israel.


Watch Sugandho on TEDx, talking about why the mind and the heart should work together:


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