Death & Conception – A One-Day-Event

Date / Time:

Aug 26, 2022
10:00 - 17:00


Studio Diane


From Death to Birth

This 1 day event is open to everybody interested in the transition from death to birth. It is a different way to understand the beginning of life, giving a larger picture.


As the Buddhist path is teaching, death is not an end only, but it is a new beginning too. It means, when a baby is conceived by a woman, this baby is in a transition period from death to birth. Therefore when looking at conception as a new beginning, I like to include the previous experience that actually leads to conception: death. There is a lot to learn about and from death. We hardly receive teachings during our life about the meaning of death. But how can we understand life if death is understood so poorly? 

This one day event is dedicated to the exploration of death and what is called the bardo from death to birth. As always we are going to approach this subject theoretically and experimentally. The main teaching is how death influences conception and what lessons we already bring with us when entering into a new life. 




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