Childhood Liberation – From Childhood Wounds to Inner Freedom

Date / Time:

Jan 16, 2022 - Jan 22, 2022
15:00 - 14:00


Kibbutz Inbar


Childhood Liberation

“Mum loves me when I smile and she gets upset when I cry.”

“Dad is sick, I have to be strong for him.”

“Mum and Dad are busy, I don’t need them, I am a big girl/boy.”

Our roots as adults today are fed on our past emotional traumas and the resulting energy imprints. They compose our present being and affect the ways we feel, function, relate, perceive … our weaknesses (and strength) … our ability to feed on life.

Emotional imprints develop from the moment we are conceived in our mother’s womb. We feel her tensions, we feel her relaxation, we hear her voice being happy or sad. Many of us don’t consider our childhood had anything traumatizing to it. We talk as adults when we say that. A child feels and perceives different, because a child is dependent, limited in its choices and expressions. While we perceive spoken and feeling messages as children we learn and … we make decisions even we are still very small. And these decisions will follow us for the rest of our lives. Not knowing where they are from, but rather believe that it is my true nature not to cry, to be strong, not to need anything.

Going back to the roots of our childhood traumas is uncovering many of those decisions and why we had to make them. We will understand that we did not choose to be strong because we really felt strong, but because there was nobody available to support us. We actually had no other choice.

Each life story is unique and different, yet there are components which are very alike for all of us. The love and trust of a child for her/his parents are so total and absolute. A child will do anything to gain the parent’s love and attention, because they are the whole world for us.

In 7-8 days time, in an environment of total protection we will allow the magic of love to happen. Proven-tested tools and exercises such as breathing, guided imagination, meditation, physical and emotional expression … will lead us gradually into a process of regression. We will meet our childhood feelings and experiences again. Returning back to our childhood age will enable us to reveal those memories which we had to burry for the sake of our emotional and sometimes even physical survival as children.



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