A Journey Through the Chakras – Deepening Evening

Date / Time:

Oct 22, 2020
19:00 - 22:00




Energy Counseling Training

An experiential evening about the 7 main chakras in our body!

Welcome to the inspiring world of the chakras, the world of energy, colors, vastness, and dualities. By exploring your own energy through the kaleidoscope of the chakras life naturally becomes your teacher. As our physical body has a certain structure of bones, muscles, tissues, etc. so have our subtle bodies in the aura and the related chakras. The chakra system is an eastern approach to describe the development of human consciousness, as there are western theories on the mental, psychological, and moral human development.

In this evening, we will experience a taste of the fascinating world of the chakras. It’s an opportunity to ask questions, learn, and experience. This evening is open for everybody, feel free to invite friends!
The evening will be led in English. No previous experience is needed, what is needed is motivation to go through a journey.

The event will be held on Zoom.
It will start at 7 PM – Israeli time (Please check the timing according to the country you are from), and end at 10 PM. Please help us prepare well for this and register in advance!

For more information and registration please contact:
Advaya +971-54-7440836

This evening is inspired by the OSHO Energy Counseling Training that Sugnadho is offering this year. The first module of the training is dedicated to learning the chakra map.

A few words about the training:
The OSHO Energy Reading Training is a meditative, not therapeutic approach, which will deepen your meditation, your sensitivity, and especially your intuition and it will enable you to give Energy Reading sessions. If you are already working with people you can use Energy Readings as a diagnostic instrument to come to know a new client or to look into a client’s history from a meditative approach. It will give you simple insights on how to work with a person in a beneficial way. Read more here

About the training in Israel

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