Intuition and Perception ∞ The Heart as a Magical Guide

Date / Time

Nov 25, 2019
20:30 - 22:30


OSHO Center TLV / Israel


In a lifestyle that is dominated by rational thinking, efficiency and performance pressure, our intuition and perception are wonderful qualities to create some balance. And the seeds are already given to us by birth. All we need is awaken these dormant seeds and allow their intrinsic intelligence to grow…

This evening, dedicated to our intuition and perception, wants to connect you in a playful and sensitive way to your inner seeds called intuition and perception. You can either actively share your intuitive qualities with somebody or you can remain receptive and allow somebody else to read these qualities to you.

The magic of the heart will release its fragrance … and make us drunk with the divine. Come to get to know the guidance of your heart, to start having it as a tool in your day to day life.

The evening costs 100 NIS, please register in advance! The entry is free for members of OSHO TLV.
You can join the evening meditation at the OSHO center, it’s starting at 19:30 and ends right before we start. It’s a beautiful way to start the evening! Joining the meditation costs 35 NIS.

For further information and registration please contact:
Advaya: 054-7440836
Please register in advance (also if you are a member of the OSHO center)!
The evening will be led in English, with Hebrew translation if needed.

Please register in advance!

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We would love to see you,
Sugandho & Advaya

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