Deepening Event: From Fear to Love – Opening to Aliveness

Date / Time

Jan 27, 2020
20:30 - 22:30


OSHO Center TLV / Israel


The journey of exploring the inner world, one inevitably meets the most basic difficulty – fear. Fear is something so invisible yet so powerful in it’s the ability to prevent the relaxation and joy of life. What to do when fear arises? Escape, hide from danger, and wait for the fear to somehow disappear by itself? Or to push beyond all boundaries of our fears?

In a loving and safe atmosphere, this evening gives the opportunity to watch two of the basic fears of mankind: the fear of going crazy and the fear of death. Both fears will take us to explore and redefine the limitations that have been imposed on us when we were small. More space can expand inside for more spontaneity, creativity, love, and laughter.

You are welcomed to join and experience, explore and meditate. To ask questions and to get to know Sugandho.

This evening is a demo to the full workshop that will happen on 6-8.2 at Desert Ashram.
Read more about it.

The evening costs 100 NIS, please register in advance!
You can join the evening meditation at the OSHO center, it’s starting at 19:30 and ends right before we start. It’s a beautiful way to start the evening! Joining the meditation costs 35 NIS.

For further information and registration please contact:
Advaya: 054-7440836
Please register in advance (also if you are a member of the OSHO center)!
The evening will be led in English, with Hebrew translation if needed.

Please register in advance!

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We would love to see you,
Sugandho & Advaya

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