A Leap into the Unknown – Embracing Change

Alchemy of the 5th Chakra

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Oct 21, 2021 - Oct 23, 2021
15:00 - 14:00


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Alchemy Of The 5th Chakra
A 2 Days Journey Within

I just heard a client say in a session: “There is a part in me that really wants to change, but then another part is sabotaging and avoiding whatever change I try.”

We all have different parts inside of us and they all speak with different voices. Some voices might sound familiar. f.ex. the voices of our parents. But there are also parts we hardly notice and therefore do not listen to. These parts are the most influential because we do not handle them consciously.

When we move into the realms of the 5th chakra, we are entering either our creativity, our self-expression or … if we have not learned to trust the creative potential inside, we might rather go into repetitive behavior patterns, following the known, the safe options are often given to us by others.
Creativity and change happen when we leave the known behind when we dare and make a jump into the unknown. No matter which aspect of our life we are interested in, our relationships, our emotional world, our professional career … We can cook a delicious meal we like and have cooked many times … or we follow the unknown and create a surprising new composition of tastes. We can learn that the end of a relationship is not only a loss but also an opportunity for a new beginning.

This 2 days workshop wants to give space to surprises and the possibility for change. We all have unknown possibilities within, waiting to be discovered. With the help of various techniques (meditation, NLP, voicing, dance, sharing, and more …) we want to consciously explore what happens when we move from the known to the unknown. In a loving, playful, and creative way we will identify differently, sometimes contradicting inner parts created by past experiences.

What if we can find a new balance between the old and the new?
What if we learn that the unknown is not such a scary place at all?


We will be using Gestalt and NLP structures, voicing and sharings, and meditations to deepen our sensitivity towards ourselves and others.
We want to understand how the parts affect our lives, our decision making and the way we think and feel about ourselves and others. Understanding our inner parts allows us more and new choices open us up to our creativity and self-expression.


The workshop will be held in English, with Hebrew translation if needed.
For further information and booking please contact:
Advaya: +972-54-7440836
Email: inner-alchemy_il@sugandho.org

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