Transforming Power – Alchemy of the 3rd Chakra

Alchemy of the 3rd Chakra

Date / Time

Oct 19, 2017 - Oct 24, 2017
12:00 - 14:00


Desert Ashram / IL


Discovering Authenticity

What is power? Or we can also ask: What is the drive within us that wants or that refuses power. As we explore these questions we inevitably come across many misunderstandings around this subject.

Many of the behaviors, which we have learned to consider as powerful due to social standards, might disguise the opposite. Many people we admire as so called “powerful people” might simply be fake idols, glittering images without substance that we have learned to believe in.

We will consciously enter the world of „power-strategies“, live them out and expose them. In the light of our awareness an Inner Alchemy can start happening which leads us into a deep acceptance of the ‚hidden sides‘ of ourselves. Transformation is a natural result of this alchemy. We will see that power strategies are not true strength and that they are not needed to survive.

In this workshop we are looking for what is real and authentic within us. Any authentic expression is bound to give us a sense of strength. Every true expression gives us energy. Every unreal expression takes our strength away.

It is a group for experienced meditators, who are willing to confront themselves about personal and collective ideas of the use and misuse of power on all levels: work, relationship, friendship, parent and child relationship etc. We want to look into our lives through the eyes of our 3rd chakra, our power center. There is every chance we discover surprises.

Couples, parents and children or people in work relationships are recommended to do the process together.

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